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Albemarle Presbytery 

Adjourned Meeting 
Wilson, N. C, June 15, 1926 

Called Meeting 
Tarboro, N, C, Sept, 16, 1926 

Called Meeting 
Tarboro, N. O, Sept, 27, 1926 

Adjourned Meeting 
Statesville, N, G„ (Synod) Oct, 13, 1926 


Seventy-Fifth Stated Meeting 
Nahalah Church (near Scotland Neck, N. CO 
^"Div^hT October 26, 1026 



1926 Called Meeting 

ilson, N. O, Dec. 23, 1926 


Stated Clerk— Eev. J. N. H. Summerell New Bern, N. 0., 1929. 
Treasurer — Eev. A. J. Crane, Tarboro, N. C, 1929. 

Trustees of Presbytery — H. H. Taylor, Chairman, Tarboro; C. 
A. Johnson, Tarboro; A. P. Thorpe, Rocky Mount. 

Trustees of Davidson College — Exit Fall 1928: Rev. J. N. H. 
Summerell, New Bern; Exit Fall of 1927: Thos. G. Hyman, New 

Trustees of Peace Institute — Exit Fall 1929: Rev. H. B. Searight, 
Washington; Exit Fall 1927: Mr. Nathan O 'Berry, Goldsboro. 

Historian— Rev. J. N. H. Summerell, 1929. 


1. Presbyterial Home Missions — 1928:Revs. H. B. Searight, Chair- 
man; A. J. Crane, Superintendent; J. N. H. Summerell, W. S. Harden, 
C. G. Lynch, Elders B. W. Moseley, H H. Taylor, W. L. Groom, E. L. 
Stewart, S. & F. 

2. Assembly's & Synod's Home Missions — 1928: Revs. Scatter- 
good, Chairman; W. T. Wadley, Elder John Slaughter. S. & F. 

3. Foreign Missions — 1927: Revs. W. T. "Wadley, Chairman; J. 
A. Vache, Elder W. C. Dresbach. F. & S. 

4. Christian Education and Ministerial Relief — 1927: Revs. H. 
H. Leach, Chairman; H. B. Searight, Elders S. K. Fountain, C. M. 
Brown. S. & F. 

5. Religious Education — 1927: Rev. W. A. Gamble, Chairman: 
W. A. Dees. 

Sec. 1.— Sunday Schools: Rev. W. A. Gamble, Elder Dr. W. L. 

Sec. 2— Y. P. Work: Rev. D. H. Dulin, Elder Dr. J. R. Edmund- 

6. Women's Societies— 1927: Rev. J. L. Yandell, S. 

7. Schools and Colleges — 1928: Chairman; Rev. Peter Mc- 

Intyre; Elder R. H. Bachman. S. & F. 

8. Orphans' Home— 1929: Revs. J. A. Satterfield, J. A. Vache; 
Elders W. G. Sheppard, Dr. W. L. Hand. F. 

9. Bible Cause— 1929: Eev. L. Cook Campbell; Elders W. L. 
Groom, David Joyner. F. 

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Albemarle Presbytery 

Adjourned Meeting 
Wilson, N. O, June 15, 1926 

Called Meeting 
Tarboro, N. C, Sept. 16, 1926 

Called Meeting 
Tarboro, N. C. t Sept. 27, 1926 

Adjourned Meeting 
Statesville, N. O, (Synod) Oct. 13, 1926 

Seventy-Fifth Stated Meeting 

Nahalah Church (near Scotland Neck, N. C.) 

October 26, 1926 

Called Meeting 
Wilson, N. C, Dec. 23, 1926 


Adjourned Meeting 

Wilson, N. C., June 15, 1926. 

Albemarle Presbytery met at 3 :00 p. m., in the Presby- 
terian church. 

Present — Rev. Messrs. Scattergood, Searight, Summerell, 
Satterfield, Crane, Yandell, Dulin, Leach, Campbell, Fleming, 
Harden ; Elders — A. N. Daniel, of Wilson, and C. S. Over- 
man, of Berea. 

Presbytery was called to order by the Moderator and was 
opened with prayer by Rev. W. S. Harden. 

Rev. Joe Mack, of Granville Presbytery, was invited to 
sit as a visiting brother. 

Bro. Mack stated that his presence was on business con- 
cerning the transfer of the property of Roanoke Rapids Pres- 
byterian church from Albemarle Presbytery to Granville. 
This property was deeded in 1921 to the Trustees of the Pres- 
bytery: Jno. Webb, Leo. D. Heartt, and George Howard, and 
their successors in office. 

The request of that church, through its pastor, Mr. Mack, 
is, that the Presbytery of Albemarle direct its Board of Trus- 
tees, Messrs. H. H. Taylor, C. A. Johnson, and A. P. Thorpe 
to transfer the title of said property to the local Trustees of 
the Roanoke Rapids Presbyterian church, namely : A. L. Clark, 
P. L. Nash, and J. R. Manning, and their successors in office. 

This request was, on motion, granted, and the Clerk was 
ordered to issue the necessary papers. 

Rev. E. C. Lynch, of West Lexington Presbytery, was in- 
troduced as a visiting brother. He presented a dismission, in 
due form, from his Presbytery to Albemarle. After the pre- 
scribed examination, he was received and his name enrolled. 

A call was read from the Wilson church for the pastoral 
services of Mr. Lynch. This call was found irregular as to 


its formal requirements, but after the Presbytery learned the 
circumstances, this irregularity in form was waived, and the 
Call was placed in Mr. Lynch 's hands, accepted by him, and 
the following Commission was named to install him, at such 
time as might be found most convenient to the church, to the 
pastor-elect, and to the Commission : Rev. L. Cook Campbell 
to preside, Rev. H. B. Searight to charge the pastor ; Elder 
Harry Smith, with W. L. Groom, Alternate, to charge the 
people. Rev. J. B. Massie, a former pastor, was requested to 
preach the sermon, with Rev. Willard Conger, Alternate. 

Nahalah church was chosen as place for the regular Fall 
Sessions : Tuesday, two weeks after the meeting of Synod, 
the time, 7 :30 p. m. 

Rev. Mr. Lynch was chosen to preach the Presbyterial 
Sermon ; the subject to be selected after a further conference 
with the Nahalah Church and Mr. Lynch. 

The report of the Committee on Sabbath Observance and 
Family Religion was deferred till the Fall Meeting. 

The churches of the Presbytery were urged to make an 
offering for the support of the cause of the Lord's Day Al- 
liance, in the manner and at the time and according to the 
plan and desire of the General Assembly. 

Presbytery authorized that all renewals of applications 
for aid for our beneficiaries be only for the same amounts 
as last year. 

It was ordered that the Presbytery should meet at the 
call of the Moderator during Synod at Statesville. 

The minutes were read and approved, and Presbytery 
adjourned. Closed with prayer by Mr. Lynch. 

F. H. Scattergood, Moderator. 

J. N. H. Summerell, Clerk. 

The 75th semi-annual meeting to be held at Nahalah, 
Oct. 26, 1926. 


Called Meeting 

Tarboro, N. C, Sept. 16, 1926. 

The Presbytery of Albemarle convened in Tarboro in the 
Howard Memorial Church at 2 :00 p. m. 

The Moderator, Rev. F. H. Scattergood, called the Pres- 
bytery to order, and led in prayer. 

Present — Rev. Messrs. Searight, Fleming, Iverson, Crane, 
Wildman, Leach, Hanrahan, Conger, Yandell, Scattergood, 
Vache ; Elders — Lovegrove, Nahalah ; Pender, Howard Me- 
morial ; Paylor, Farmville ; Brown, Pinetops. 

Mr. Yandell, on request, acted as Clerk. The Call was 
read, and found in order. 

A request, properly executed, has come to the hand of your Mod- 
erator for a call meeting- of Albemarle Presbytery, to be convened at 
Tarboro, N. C, Howard Memorial Church, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1926, 
at 2:00 p. m., to transact the following itenls of business: 

1st — Examine Mr. W. Arnett Gamble, Jr., a candidate for the 
ministry, for Licensure and Ordination. 

2nd — To take order for his installation as pastor of the Pine- 
tops church. 

3rd — To consider a Spiritual Life Conference. 

Truly yours, 
Elizabeth City, N. G, Aug. 30th, 1926. 

The Presbytery then entered upon the Examination of 
Candidate W. A. Gamble. His diplomas from Davidson Col- 
lege and Union Seminary, were accepted in lieu of Examina- 
tions on Languages, and Church History. He was the'n ex- 
amined on all of the subjects required by Book of Church 
Order — each approved. Then was heard the Popular Lec- 
ture, the Exegesis, Thesis, and Sermon, whose text was, "And 
we know that all things work together for good to them that 


love God, to those who are the called, according to his pur- 
pose. ' ' — Romans 8 :28. 

Each being- satisfactory, as parts of trial, the whole ex- 
amination was approved and sustained and the following Com- 
mission was appointed to license and ordain and install W. 
Arnett Gamble at Pinetops church on Oct. 10th, at 11 :00 
a. m. : A. J. Crane, J. T. Wildman, G. B. Hanrahan ; Elders 
Jno. R Pender, B. W. Brown. 

Presbytery declined to appoint a time and arrange for 
a Spiritual Life Conference. 

The Minutes were read and approved, and Presbytery ad- 
journed, being closed with prayer. 

F. H. Scattergood, Moderator. 
J. L. Yandell, Temporary Clerk. 

Attest — J. N. H. Summerell, Stated Clerk. 


Called Meeting 

Tarboro, N. C, Sept. 27, 1926. 

The Presbytery of Albemarle met in Tarboro in the How- 
ard Memorial church at 2 :00 p. m. In the absence of the 
Moderator, Rev. A. J. Crane, the oldest member present, acted 
as Moderator. 

Presbytery was opened with prayer by Rev. Daniel Iver- 
son. Mr. Yandell acted as Temporary Clerk. 

Present — Rev. Messrs. Crane, Iverson, Yandell, Harden. 
Satterfield ; Elders — R. B. Peters, of Howard Memorial and 
J. T. Lawrence of Win. and Mary Hart Chapel (no roll was 
given by the Temporary Clerk, and the Stated Clerk had to 
guess who was present.) 

The Call was read and found in order. 


September 16, 1927. 
This is to notify you that Presbytery is constitutionally called 
to meet in Tarboro, Monday, Sept. 27th, at 2:00 p. m., for the purpose 
of considering the resignation of Rev. Daniel Iverson as pastor of 
Howard Memorial Presbyterian church and William and Mary Hart 
Chapel and all other items of business growing out of said resigna- 

F. H. SCATTERGOOD, Moderator. 

Mr. Iverson. in tendering his resignation of his churches, 
gave his reasons for requesting the dissolution of the pastoral 
relation now existing. Elder R. B. Peters stated that How- 
ard Memorial church concurred in the request and Elder J. 
T. Lawrence stated that Wm. and Mary Hart Chapel also con- 
curred. The resignation was accepted and the pastoral rela- 
tionship was dissolved to take effect early in October. And a 
letter of dismission to St. John's Presbytery, Synod of Flor- 
ida, was granted Mr. Iverson. 


On motion, the Moderator was requested to appoint some 
one to preach in both churches, and officially declare them 
vacant. Rev. J. A. Vache was appointed. 

The minutes were read and approved, and after prayer 
the Presbytery adjourned. 

A. J. Crane, Moderator. 
J. L. Yandell, Temporary Clerk. 
Attest — J. N. H. Summerell, Stated Clerk. 


Adjourned Meeting 

Statesville, N. C., Oct, 13, 1926. 

The Presbytery of Albemarle met in a committee room 
of the Presbyterian church at the call of the Moderator. 

Present — Rev. F. H. Seattergood, Moderator, Rev. Messrs. 
Searight, Crane. Summerell, Fleming, Vache, Dulin, Hanra- 
han, Wildman, Mclntyre. Gamble, Campbell, Satterfield, Wad- 
ley, Lynch, Harden ; Elder E. A. Williams, of Calvary church. 

Presbytery was opened with prayer by Rev. Peter Mc- 
lntyre. Rev. Marion Huske, of Orange Presbytery was in- 
troduced. He came, representing the Home Mission Com- 
mittee of his Presbytery. 

Rev. N. N. Fleming, Jr., presented a call from a group of 
churches in Orange Presbytery with Hawfields church as a 
center, which he wished to accept ; so he tendered his resigna- 
tion of Farmville church to Presbytery, requesting the dis- 
solution of the pastoral relations there. 

The action of Farmville church, reluctantly uniting with 
him in the request, was read, Presbytery then accepted the 
resignation, to take effect in November as mutually agreed up- 
on. Mr. Fleming was granted a letter of dismission to Or- 
ange Presbytery. It was with sincere regret that Albemarle 
thus parted with Bro. Fleming, especially as an important 
church within our bounds had sent him a most nattering call, 
but he had felt that he must go to Hawfields church. 

Notice was given of a meeting of the Presbyterial Home 
Mission Committee at Nahalah church at 3 :00 p. in., October 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet at the call of the Mod- 
erator. Closed with prayer by Rev. M. Harden. 

(Regular Fall meeting at Nahalah church, 7:30 p. in., 
October 26, 1926.) 

F. H. Scattergood, Moderator. 

Attest — J. N. H. Summerell, Stated Clerk. 


Seventy-Fifth Stated Meeting 


Nahalah Church, near Scotland Neck, N. C, 

October 26, 1926. 

Presbytery of Albemarle met according to adjournment 
at 7 :30 p. m. 

Rev. F. H. Scattergood, Moderator, preached an earnest 
opening sermon from the text : "Let this mind be in you which 
was also in Christ Jesus," Phil. 2:5. 

Tlic Roll was called and a quorum being present. Pres- 
bytery elected unanimously as Moderator, Rev. H. H. Leach, 
Evangelist of Pitt County. Rev. W. S. Harden was chosen 
Temporary Clerk. 

Ministers Elders Churches 

L. Cook Campbell George Jefferson Fountain 

A. J. Crane 

D. H. Dulin 

W. A. Gamble Dr. B. W. Brown Pinetops 

Lee H. Lovegrove Nahalah 

W. S. Harden 

H. H. Leach 

E. C. Lynch IT. D. Brown (2) Wilson 

J. A. Satterfield Octavius Joyner Bethlehem 

J. J. Ivers Eoeky Mount 2nd 

F. H. Scattergood 

H. B. Searight 

J. N. H. Summerell 

W. D. Wadley 

J. T. Wildman 

Peter Mclntyre W-. A. Dees Goldsboro 

Willard Conger (2) C. W. Woodward (2) --Rocky Mount 1st 

H. E. Shaw Kinston 

R. B. Peters Howard Memorial 

J. T. Lawrence_Wm. & Mary Hart Chp. 

Rev. E. E. Gillespie of Orange Presbytery, was introduc- 


ed, and as his engagements demanded that he take a very 
early train in the morning, he was heard at once as chair- 
man of Synodical Home Missions. This being his first ap- 
pearance on the floor of this Presbytery, his address, earnest, 
and sympathetic of our needs, made the impression on the 
brethren that he was a true and worthy successor of the la- 
mented Brother A. W. Crawford. 

After the address Presbytery was, by request, led in 
prayer by Rev. A. J. Crane, with special reference to Synod's 
Home Missions. 

Rev. W. A. Gamble, as chairman of Committee on Hours 
and Orders presented the following paper which was adopted. 
Mr. Gamble then made a few remarks on Nahalah church, its 
lights and shadows, its encouraging outlook. [The church 
and grounds had recently undergone repairs and improve- 
ments and it made a fine impression on the brethren. — S. C] 


Presbytery to convene at 9:00 a. m. to 12:15 p. m. each day; 
dinner at 12:30; reconvene at 2:00 p. in. to 5:30 p. m.; night at 7:30 — 
adjourning at will. 

Devotional service Wednesday morning conducted by the Eev. 
A. J. Crane; on Thursday morning by the Rev. H. B. Searight. 

Presbyterial Sermon, Wednesday at 11:00 a. m., by the Eev. E. 
C. Lynch. 

Popular meeting on Foreign Missions Wednesday night, according 
to Standing Rules. 


On motion, the time and place of next meeting was ad- 
vanced on the Docket and taken up. Dr. B. AY. Brown, Elder 
from Pinetops, extended a most cordial invitation to Presby- 
tery to hold its next regular meeting in the Presbyterian 
church there in April next. The invitation was heartily ac- 
cepted. The time was left to be decided upon later. 

The minutes of two adjourned meetings and two called 
meetings were read as information. 


Presbytery then adjourned. Closed with prayer by Bro. 
W. T. Wadley. 

SECOND DAY— Morning Session 

Wednesday, October 27, 1926. 

The Devotional Exercises led by Rev. A. J. Crane, after 
which came business. 

The minutes of last night's meeting were read and ap- 
proved, as corrected. 

Communications were read, as follows: 

From the Church papers — concerning Church Paper 
week. On motion, the action of the Assembly was endorsed, 
and the papers recommended, especially to the churches in 
this Presbytery was recommended the Presbyterian Standard. 

A letter was read from the President of the Young Peo- 
ples' League of the Presbytery. Referred to the Committee 
on Nominations. 

A letter from the Clerk of Assembly concerning Bureau 
of Vacancy and Supply. Referred to Committee. 

From Orphans' Home — Referred to Committee. 

From Clerk of Synod relative to matters needing Pres- 
byterial action — Referred to Committee on Religious Educa- 

From Rev. J. IT. Henderlite, relative to observation of 
Sunday, Oct. 31st, as Reformation Day — Referred as informa- 

From J. B. Spillman, Secretary of Stewardship, relative 
to apportionment to churches — Referred to Systematic Be- 
neficence Committee. 

From Assembly's Historical Society — Read and referred 
to Committee on Nominations. 


The following report was approved : 

The Commission of Albemarle Presbytery, composed of Eevs. 
A. J. Crane, G. B. Hanrahan and J. T. Wildman, and Elders John 
R. Pender of the Howard Memorial church and Dr. B. W. Brown of 
the Pinetops church, met at the P'inetops church October 10th, 1926, 
at 11:00 o'clock a. m. 

The Commission was called to order by the Moderator, Kev. A. 
J. Crane, and opened with prayer. Elder John B. Pender was elected 
Clerk of the Commission. The letter of Candidate W. A. Gamble, 
dismissing him from the care of the Presbytery of Macon to care of 
the Presbytery of Albemarle, was read and Mr. Gamble was received. 

The examination of Mr. Gamble for Licensure and Ordination, 
held previously by the Presbytery, were passed as satisfactory parts 
of trial, and the action of Presbytery in raising this commission was 

Eev. D. H. Dulin being present was invited to sit as a correspond- 
ing member of the commission, and to take part in the Ordination 
and Installation. 

The Commission proceeded in the following order: Bev. G. B. Han- 
rahan preached the sermon, Bev. A. J. Crane presided, and propound- 
ed the constitutional questions. 

The Commission then set Mr. Gamble apart to the Gospel Ministry 
by the laying on of hands, and prayer by the Moderator. 

The Commission then proceeded to the installation in the fol- 
lowing manner: The call from Binetops church was found in order, 
and placed in Mr. Gamble 's hands, and he signified his acceptance of 
the same. The questions to the pastor and congregation being ans- 
wered in the affirmative, Rev. J. T. Wildman delivered a solemn 
charge to the congregation and Rev. A. J. Crane delivered the charge 
to the pastor, and the congregation was dismissed with Apostolic 
benediction by the newly installed pastor. 

A. J. CEANE, Moderator. 

Rev. Mr. Gamble then signed the Pledge, and his name 
was officially placed on the Roll of the Presbytery. 

The report of the Treasurer was approved: 



Home Mis. Pres. Fd. 

Balance from last year $ 447.77 $ 553.58 

Received from churches 2,022.00 219.25 

Borrowed S50.00 

Total $3,319.77 $ 772.93 

Paid out 2,964.56 515.64 

Balance in Treasurer 354.21 257.29 

Total on hand $611.50 

Due Bank $400.00. Due on Salaries 400.00 

Leaving an apparent deficit Nov. 1st of about 200.00 

Total amount due from churches was $3,480.20 

Total paid by churches 2,241.25 

Balance due from churches 1,239.45 

This simply means if the churches had paid in full the amounts 
due to September 31st, that we would not have had to borrow any 
money, and would have had enough to run us until January 1st, with- 
out debt. What shall we do about it ? 

A. J. CRANE, Treasurer. 

Rev. I. N. Clegg, of Fayetteville Presbytery, was intro- 
duced and the privileges of the floor were granted to him. 

The following committees were announced by the Mod- 
erator : 

On Devotional Committee — Rev. W. A. Gamble, Chair- 
man, Lee H. Lovegrove. 

On Attendance — Rev. D. H. Dulin, Chairman, Rev. J. T. 
AVildman, H. E. Shaw. 

On Minutes of Assembly — Rev H. B. Searight, Chairman, 
Rev. F. H. Scattergood, J. J. Ivers. 

On Nominations — Rev. A. J. Crane, Chairman, Rev. Peter 
Mcintyre, Rev. Willard Conger. 

On Resolutions of Thanks — Rev. L. Cook Campbell, 
Chairman, Rev. W. T. Wadley. 


Recess was taken for five minutes. 

Rev. E. C. Lynch then preached a most carefully thought- 
out sermon — making a most favorable impression on the con- 
gregation. Text, Acts 16:31 — "Believe on the Lord Jesus 
Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house." 

Presbytery then took recess for lunch prepared by the 
ladies, which was greatly enjoyed. 

SECOND DAY — Afternoon Session 

Upon reassembling the Stated Clerk made a verbal report, 
which was received as information, as was also a report of 
the Superintendent of Home Missions of the Presbytery, and 
also the report of the Assembly's and Synod's Home Mission 

In connection with this last report, on motion, Presbytery 
expressed its appreciation of the address of Rev. E. E. Gilles- 
pie on Synod's Home Missions, plans and outlook and a cor- 
dial invitation was given him to attend our sessions wmenever 

The report on Schools and Colleges was read and adopted, 
as follows : 

Your committee would call the attention of the Presbytery to 
growing interest in our Church schools as shown by the fact that the 
schools are not only full, but students are being turned away, about 
300 having been turned away from Davidson College. 

This interest while gratifying calls for the loyal support of these 
institutions, and in the case of Union Seminary the growth in student 
body to 151 last year, has meant an added deficit in finances each year 
for several years, the institution closing last year with a debt of ap- 
proximately $30,000.00. 

In view of this overcrowded condition, and that Albemarle Pres- 
bytery has apportioned only l x /-> per cent of our total Benevolent con- 
tributions to the cause of Schools and Colleges, and that last year 
only about one-half of this amount was paid, and this year out of an 


apportionment of $2,226 to Schools and Colleges we have paid only 
.$334, we recommend: 

1st — That Union Theological Seminary be put in our budget for 
1.3 per cent of our total benevolent contributions, and that each 
church be requested to send this percent to Mr. Wm. K. Miller, the 
Treasurer of the Seminary, Eichmond, Ya. 

2nd. That 6.2 per cent of all our benevolent contributions be sent 
to Mr. F. L. Jackson, Treasurer, Davidson, N. C, and that our Church 
Treasurers be urged to remit these funds at least quarterly. 

3rd. We would heartily approve the plans of the Trustees of 
Peace Institute to raise the sum of $300,000 for endowment, and we 
would pledge our co-operation and support as a Presbytery, and com- 
mend this Institution and this Campaign to our churches. 

N. N. FLEMING, Jr., Chairman of Committee. 

The report on Christian Education and Ministerial Re- 
lief was 'received and approved. On motion, the following 
amounts suggested as loans by the chairman were approved, 
$175.00 each to Candidate AVildman and Perry. 

The report of the Committee on Presbyterial Home Mis- 
sions was read and adopted : 

Your Committee on Home Missions has nothing of an unusual 
nature to report at this time. All our fields have been supplied during 
the past six months by sixteen men and two women workers, for all 
or part of the time. 

Nearly all of them have had special services, and with many fine 
results have been reported. 

We are glad to call your attention to the fact that one of our 
churches which was dissolved some years ago, viz. : Strickland, seems 
in a fair way to be resurrected. We have a tine Sunday school going 
there now, and in a meeting held by Mr. Dulin and Mr. Flanagan 
more than a year ago, several members were received, and this yea* 1 
four grown persons with their families were received on letter or 
statement, and three children on profession. Steps have been taken 
to repair and finish the church building. We hope soon to have a 
good church organized there. 

The work in Goldsboro and Wayne county is going on nicely 
under the direction of Mrs. Geo. W. Butler. Mr. Chas. A. McRae 
was there again this Summer, and received some twenty members in 


addition to twenty or more that were received last summer. There 
seems to be a good prospect of an organization at Georgetown, in 
Goldsboro, soon. 

There seems also a good prospect of an organization at Conetoe 
in the near future. 

Altogether our work is going forward, not "by leaps and bounds," 
but we hope, solidly and conservatively. 

We are very sorry to lose Mr. Fleming from our work in the 
Presbytery, but hope soon to be able to put someone in his place who 
will carry on the good work he is laying down. 

Mr. Gamble has taken up his work with much energy at Pine- 
tops and Nahalah, and we predict a successful and forward work in 
these Holds. 

It is hardly necessary to call attention to the vastly improved 
equipment here at Nahalah, for it is very apparent to all who were 
familiar with the former condition of the church plant. A very large 
part of the credit for this improvement is due to the energy and per- 
severance of Eev. J. L. Yandell, who gave freely of his time and 
money to this work. The $500 left in the hands of the Trustees of 
Presbytery by the will of the late Capt. W. T. Whitehead, of Enfield, 
for this church, was also used in this way, and the church owes him 
and his heirs much gratitude for this beneficent gift. 

The only possible note of gloom that we have to utter is the 
financial end of the business, which is brought out in the report of 
the Treasurer. 

We recommend: 

That in line with a suggestion that comes to us from Synod's 
Superintendent of Home Missions, we request that each of our 
workers make a careful survey in every mission field in our Presby- 
tery, and at every place where they may contemplate beginning work 
in order t;i determine whether or not we are putting w T ork and money 
to the very best use. It is our desire and purpose to center our ef- 
forts on strategic points, where there is an evident opportunity and 
need for the work of our church. 

H. B. SEAEIGHT, Chairman. 

There was no report from the Committee on Church. 
and Manse Erection. 

Committee on Bihle Cause made the following report : 
Of this important though much neglected cause, your committee 


presents some facts. The Budget of the Bible Society is about $1,500,- 
000. Distribution of Bibles is about 1,250,000 copies, which cost 
54 per cent more than cost, leaving 46 per cent cost to be supplied 
by gifts from all Protestant denominations. 

An order from China for 1,500,000 copies of the Gospel for dis- 
tribution was the largest received last year. 

Churches of Albemarle Presbytery are urged to raise the full 
apportionment for this cause. 

W ere e oinmen d : 

1. That pastors, elders, and the auxiliaries give prompt at- 
tention and loyal support of this Cause. 

2. That pastors and elders in their visits among the people, see 
that all families have a Bible in their homes, as far as possible, and 
not simply a Testament. 

L. COOK CAMPBELL, Chairman. 


The Committee on the Orphans' Home read a report 
from Mr. J. B. Johnston, Superintendent, which was received 
as information. 

The Committee on Evangelism made the following report : 

One hundred and ninety professions of faith are reported; 125 by 


We are made sad by the fact that professions show a decrease. 
Fourteen of our churches failed to report any addition by profession. 

There are 3713 resident members in this Presbytery, and only 
190 additions by profession, only 1 soul brought to Christ by 21 mem- 

Your committee recommends: 

1. That the Spring meeting of Presbytery be designated as a 
Presbytery of Evangelism. 

2. That your Committee of Evangelism, together with the Chair- 
man and Superintendent of Presbytery's Home Missions, be appoint- 
ed to arrange a definite programme for the Spring meeting, and that 
ample time be given to the consideration of this vital subject. 

3. That the Home Mission Superintendent urge all ministers 
to iill their Evangelistic appointments. 


4. That we pray earnestly that the Lord of the harvest may 
thrust forth laborers into His vineyard. 

J. A. SATTEBFIELD, Chairman. 


On motion, a special committee was appointed to report 
a feasible method of paying expenses of representatives to 
the meetings of Presbytery, and to report at this meeting. 

Committee: Revs. E. C. Lynch, F. H. Scattergood, Elder 
W. A. Dees. 

The report on Sabbath Observance and Family Religion 
was read, amended and adopted, as folloAvs : 

Considering the wide-spread desecration of the Sabbath and the 
sad neglect of the Family Altar, your committee recommends: 

1. In ord r to increase interest in the proper observance of the 
Lord's Day, and in the erection of family altars, it is recommended 
that our ministers preach frequently on these subjects; and also where 
the way is clear, exchange pulpits, for the purpose of preaching on 
these subjects. 

2. That young people's organizations, woman's auxiliaries, and 
men's organizations be urged to do what they can to promote Sabbath 
Observance and to establish, if possible, a Family Altar in every 

3. That a report be sent to the chairman two weeks before the 
Spring Meeting of Presbytery by every pastor, telling, if possible, 
the visible results obtained from the above, and the number of Fam- 
ily Altars established this year. 



The Special Committee appointed on Expenses to Pres- 
b} T tery reported as follows : 

We recommend: 

1. That the expenses of ministers in fields of work under the 
direction of the Home Mission Committee, incurred in their attend- 
ance upon stated meetings of Presbytery, be paid out of the Presby- 
terial Fund. 


2. That a Standing' Auditing Committee be appointed, who shall 
audit and approve all expense accounts, and make recommendation 
for payment. 


The time of the Spring Meeting was fixed : Tuesday, April 
12, 1927, 7 :30 p. m., in the Pinetops church. 

The report of the Committee on Systematic Beneficence 
and Stewardship was read and after discussion, was amended 
and recommendations adopted, as follows : 

1. We recommend that the percentage of Beneficences between 
the General Assembly and local causes be changed from 60-40 to 50-50, 
the extra 10 per cent being divided as follows: 2% per cent to Syn- 
od's Home Missions; 2 1 /2 per cent to Barium Springs; 2% per cent 
to Schools and Colleges; 2% per cent to Presbytery's Home Missions. 

2. That the Stated Clerk be directed to notify the Secretary of 
Stewardship of the Synod that our Presbytery makes, and publishes, 
and distributes its own Apportionment Table, and does not desire 
Tables published by Synod's Secretary to be sent to the ministers 
ami officers of our churches of this Presbytery. 

3. The Presbytery of Albemarle does not see the way clear to 
raise the amount recommended by Synod for the personal support of 
the Synod's Stewardship Committee by increasing its Presbyterial 
Tax, but judges it best to leave this matter to the individual churches; 
and our Stewardship Committee is asked to furnish the churches with 
statistical information that will enable those churches that desire 
to contribute, to do so. 

4. That pastors and church officers exercise greater diligence in 
their effort to secure a subscription from every member of the church, 
and not be content with simply raising the Budget of their church, 
recognizing that church members who do not w r orship God with their 
substance as He has blessed them fail to have a part with Christ in 
reconciling the world to Himself. 

5. That Barium Springs Orphanage be allotted the Thanksgiv- 
ing Offering and that every church be urged to make this offering 
equal at least to the amount assigned in the Budget and that this 
offering be not considered as a part of the Benevolent Askings for 
the Orphanage but as an over and above gift. 


6. That all churches be urged to assume some definite part of the 
Foreign Mission Budget so that there may be developed in each a 
more personal interest in this work. 

7. That Church Treasurers be urged not to use Benevolent 
Funds for the purpose of paying Pastors ' Salaries and Current Expen- 

8. That Pastors and Church Officers give greater diligence in 
bringing men and women to understand the command of Jesus when 
he said: "Lay up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven," so that our 
members may receive the joy of giving in this life and the reward in 
the life to come. 

9. That Pastors, Elders and- Deacons be urged to co-operate with 
the Advisory Council of Business Men and Women in their effort to 
balance the Benevolent Askings of the Synod. 

10. That November be designated as Stewardship Month, and 
that " Koyal Partnership" by M. E. Melvin be the Stewardship Book 
to be studied. That the week of February 14th to 20th be designated 
as Loyalty Week; that March loth, 1927, be designated as Every Mem- 
ber Canvass Day; that the week ending March 31, 1927, be observed as 
Pay Up Week. 

11. That the Stewardship Committee hold Stewardship Confer- 
ences in the Presbytery as heretofore. 

12. That the Men-of-the-Church, Woman 's Auxiliaries, Sunday 
Schools and Young People's Societies, be urged to give careful thought 
to the five departments of the Progressive Program: 1st, Spiritual 
Life; 2nd, Evangelism and Missions; 3rd, Christian Training; 4th 
Stewardship; 5th, Christian Social Service; and that as they contain 
the entire work of the Church the promotion of these five depart- 
ments of the Progressive Program be considered their principle task. 

The Stated Clerk was instructed to send out the new ap- 
portionment table to all the churches in ample time for their 
E-very-Member- Canvass. 

The report of the Nomination Committee was adopted. 
(See Appendix). 

Replying to the communication from the Assembly's 
Historical Committee, it was ordered that the Stated Clerk 
send a sketch of Dr. Summereirs labors in this Presbytery, 


also a photograph. He being the only charter member still 
in Albemarle Presbytery. 

Presbytery took recess till 7 :30 p. m. 


Upon reassembling, a popular meeting on the subject of 
Foreign Missions was held. Chairman "Wadley being in charge. 
After devotional services the report was read, and addresses 
were made by Messrs. Crane and Harden. A special prayer 
was, on motion, offered by the Moderator for Foreign Mis- 
sionaries and especially for our own, Rev. 0. C. Williamson, 
of M.exico. 

The report was then adopted: 

Your committee on Foreign Missions would report as follows: 
We find that our Foreign Missions Committee lias been, and is, 
suffering along with all our other Executive Committees from a lack 
of funds to adequately finance the work already begun. 

For a number of years, this executive agency of ours has had to 
boriow and pay interest on money, in order to keep the workers in 
the fields and the work going. And this debt at the banks has gradu- 
ally grown until now it is embarrassingly large and almost prohibi- 
tive of further increase. W'e all know that this accumulation of 
debt cannot go on forever. It would not be sound and economic 
business. And that is why our Committee at Nashville has resolved 
not to enlarge the work or send out additional workers, except as may 
be necessary to maintain the work already begun. 

But just here, let us say that an encouraging and growing move 
has been started, which promises greatly to reduce the indebtedness 
of our Foreign Mission Committee, if not to wipe it out altogether. 
We refer to the challenge fund inaugurated by the church at Bristol, 
Tenn. It is reported that many churches and societies, botli large 
and small, have accepted the challenge of the Bristol church to make 
a special gift, equivalent to one dollar per member, toward wiping out 
the indebtedness of our Assembly's Home and Foreign Mission Com- 
mittees. And we rejoice in this encouraging sign, and commend the 
challenge to all who may be able to accept it. 

But to wips cat the present indebtedness and be able to maintain 


the work begun is not enough to satisfy our compassionate 
souls and yearning hearts. For we feel that we must make haste to 
carry the Gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth and preach it to 
every creature. For the unsaved are dying at an astonishing rate 
and passing forever beyond the reach and saving power of the gospel. 
What we do for the salvation of those now living on earth, we must 
do quickly. And ours is the only generation directly responsible for 
their salvation. And if we blow not the gospel trumpet, and warn 
them, they will die in their iniquity; and God says that He will re- 
quire their blood at our hands. 

We also find that there is much new work that could be opened 
up and prosecuted to the growth of the kingdom of salvation and to 
the glory and joy of Him who died to save sinners, if only the money 
was in hand to pay the necessary expenses of the work. 

And beyond doubt, ample money would very soon be available, 
if only Southern Presbyterians could find it in their hearts to quit 
robbing God and pay Him what they owe. To be sure, we have our 
poor, as do all other denominations. But, as a whole, our church is 
amply able to double and even treble her financial support of the 
kingdom work. 

We find that there are many young men and young women who 
have spent much time, and money, and hard study in preparation of 
themselves for work in the foreign fields to which they believe God 
is calling them to labor; and they are more than willing to go and 
work in these fields to which they believe God is calling them to la- 
work in these fields. And what a sorrow, and shame, and disap- 
pointment it is that they should be kept still waiting to hear their 
church say, Go, and be our partners in these fields in which God is 
calling us to labor, and we will surely furnish adequate support for 
th ' work. 

Friends, how much longer can these young servants of God, and 
our would-be-partners, hold out to wait? How much longer can their 
tired patience and disappointed faith in their church endure the 
blighting ordeal to which we are subjecting them ? We have long 
prayed that God would thrust forth laborers into His harvest. And 
he has graciously answered our prayers as far as He can without our 
co-operation. Let us now prove the sincerity of our prayers and the 
yearning of our hearts for the redemption of lost souls by furnishing 
the money to equip and send these young people on to the rich harvest 
fields God is calling them and us to labor in. 

In view of the above considerations, and others just as impera- 
tive, we propose the following recommendations: 


1. That our Presbytery- and its churches accept the percentage 
for Foreign Missions recommended by our General Assembly, and 
that every church in our Presbytery will make an honest effort to 
pay its full quota for Foreign Missions. 

2. That our ministers be requested to acquaint their congrega- 
tions with more of the facts of our Foreign Mission work. 

3. That our churches be urged, as far as practicable, to comply 
with the Assembly's request to observe the week ending February 
5, 1927, as a week of prayer for Foreign Missions. 

4. That all our Young People 's Societies be encouraged to se- 
cure from the Educational Department the special missionary pro- 
grams already prepared as they are called for in the regular Young 
People's Society topic schedules. 

5. That our General Assembly's recommendations, respecting 
Sunday schools and Young People's Societies be urged upon those in 
our Presbytery. Namely: 

(1) ''That during the remainder of this year all our Sunday 
schools and Young People 's Societies be urged to study intensively 
the work of our Korean mission, and that they apply all their Foreign 
Mission gifts to the $60,000 being raised this year by our Sunday 
Schools for Korea, it being understood, of course, that all such offer- 
ings shall be credited to the church as part of its foreign missions ap- 
portionment, and not as an additional offering." 

(2) "That our Young People's Societies be urged to apply all 
their foreign mission offerings to those special missionaries assigned 

•by the Asembly to the Southern Presbyterian Young People's Soci- 
eties, it being understood that all such offerings shall be credited 
to the church as part of its foreign mission apportionment, and not as 
an additional offering.'' 

Eespeetfully submitted, 

W. T. WADLEY, Chairman. 

The Committee on Thanks offered its resolution, which, 
by a rising vote, was approved, and ordered read from the 
pulpit at the next Lord's Day service. 

Committee on Vacancy and Supply made no report. 

Committee on Minutes of Assembly was given orally — 

and accepted as information. 


The Committee on the Installation of Rev. E. C. Lynch 
at Wilson, reported the work done September 5th, 11 :00 a. in. 

Committee on the organization of a church, in East Kins- 
ton, reported that the closing of the mill at that point had 
scattered so many of the prospective members, that it was 
deemed inadvisable to attempt the organization at this time. 
The committee's judgment was commended, and it was con- 

The committee on a letter of sympathy to Mrs. W. A. 
Hart, reported its duty performed. 

The Committee on Tillery church reported, giving con- 
ditions there. The report was received as information and 
the committee was discharged. 

Commissioners Searight and Wadley reported their at- 
tendance at the Assembly. Their diligence was commended. 

The following report of the Committee on Attendance 
was read and approved : 

Elder Jefferson was excused after 4:00 p. m. today. Messrs. 
Mclntyrc, Willard, Dees, and Woodward after 5:30. Messrs. Peters 
and Lawrence after afternoon session. 

Rev. J. A. Vache was appointed to preach the Presbyte- 
rial Sermon at next Spring Meeting. 

The Roll was then called and checked off. 

Minutes were read and approved. Presbytery then ad- 
journed to meet at Pinetops church at 7 :30 p. in., April 12, 
1927. Closed with prayer and Benediction. 

II. H. Leach, Moderator. 

W. S. Harden, Temporary Clerk. 

Attest — J. N. H. Summerell, Stated Clerk. 


Called Meeting 

Wilson, N. C, December 23rd, 1926. 

The Presbytery of Albemarle met pursuant to Call, and 
was called to order by Rev. A. J. Crane, last Moderator pres- 
ent, opened with prayer by Mr. Conger. 

Rev. W. A. Gamble was requested to act as Clerk. Pres- 
ent, Ministers — A. J. Crane, L. Cook Campbell, J. A. Satter- 
field. Willard Conger, D. H. Dulin, E. C, Lynch; Elder H. D. 
Brown, of Wilson church. 

The Call was read, and by common consent, Wilmington 
Presbytery was inserted instead of Fayetteville. 


Greenville, N. C, Dec. 10, 1926. 
All constitutional requirements being complied with, I hereby call 
a meeting of Albemarle Presbytery to be held in the Presbyterian 
church, Wilson, N. C, at 10:30 a. m., Thursday, Dec. 23, 1926, to trans- 
act the following business: 

1. To consider the resignation of Key. D. H. Dulin as Evangelist 
of Wilson County; 

2. To consider the request of Kev. D. H. Dulin to be dismissed 
to the Presbytery of Fayetteville; and, 

3. To act on any matters growing out of the above. 

H. H. LEACH, Moderator. 

Mr. Dulin presented calls from Pike and Rocky Point 
chnrches in Wilmington Presbytery, and gave his reasons for 
giving up his present work, and for going to Rocky Point. 

Revs. II. H. Leach and W. S. Harden came in, and were 
enrolled, (delayed in transit). Mr. Leach took the Chair. 

Remarks, in extenso, were made by Mr. Crane and Mr. 
Lynch. The result was that Mr. Dulin was released from his 
work in Wilson County, the calls were found in order, placed 
in his hands ; he was granted a letter of dismission to Wilming- 


ton Presbytery, which letter the Stated Clerk was instructed 
to issue. 

Mr. Dulin's position on the Committees of Presbytery, 
were left unfilled till the Spring Meeting. 

No further business being required or allowed, on mo- 
tion Presbytery adjourned, closed with prayer by Mr. Satter- 

H. H. Leach, Moderator. 

W. A. Gamble, Clerk Pro Tern. 

Attest — J. N. H. Summerell, Stated Clerk. 

10. Men's Work— 1929: Elders N. 0. Warner, Chairman; R. B. 
Spencer, Rev. W. S. Harden. 

11. Sabbath Observance and Family Religion — 1927: Rev. D. H. 
Dulin, Chairman; Elder J. B. Sparrow. E. 

12. Evangelism and Prison Work — 1927: Revs. J. A. Satterfield, 
Chairman; W. S. Harden, Elder Dr. B. W. Brown. F. 

Evangelistic Appointments, S. 

13. Systematic Beneficence and Stewardship — 1928: Rev. F. H. 
Scattergood, Secretary of Stewardship and ex-orhcio Chairman, A. 
J. Crane, Willard Conger, C. E. Thompson. S. & F. 

15. Vacancy and Supply — 1928: Revs. H. B. Searight, Chairman; 
A. J. Crane, J. N. H. Summerell. F. 

16. Auditing Committee — Deacons J. R. Pender, Jr., R. B. Peters, 
Jr. S. 


1. Experimental Religion and Motives for Seeking the Gospel 
Ministry — The Moderator. 

2. Natural and Exact Sciences — Revs. Willard Conger, Chair- 
man; J. T. Wildman, F. H. Scattergood, Elder H. B. Smith. 

3. Languages: English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Latin Thesis, and 
Critical Exegesis — Revs. H. B. Searight, Chairman; W. S. Harden, 
J. L. Yandell. 

4. Church History — Revs. A. J. Crane, Chairman; L. Cook Camp- 

5. Theology, Natural and Revealed — Revs. H. B. Searight, Chair- 
man; A. J. Crane, E C. Lynch. 

6. Philosophy, Logic, and Rhetoric — Revs. Peter Mclntyre, Chair- 
man; Willard Conger, J. A. Vache. 

7. Church Government and Sacraments — Rev. J. N. H. Summer- 
ell, Chairman; G. B. Hanrahan, W. T. Wadley, H. H. Leach. 

[The Stated Clerk is not certain of accuracy in the personnel 
of all the Committees.] 



H. B. SEAEIGHT - _ Washington, N. C. 

J. N. H. SUMMEEELL _ New Bern, N. 0. 

G. B. HANEAHAN Kinston, N. C. 

PETEE McINTYEE Goldsboro, N. C. 

A. J. CEANE Tarboro, N. C. 

W. T. WADLEY Edenton, N. C. 

F. H. SCATTEEGOOD Elizabeth City, N. C. 

WILLAED CONGEE Eocky Mount, N. C. 

J. T. WILDMAN Parmalee, N. C. 

H. H. LEACH Greenville, N. C. 

D C. WILLIAMSON Chilpancingo, Mexico 

J. A. VACHE New Bern, N. C. 

W. S. HAEDEN Greenville, N. C. 

L. COOK CAMPBELL Fountain, N. C. 

J. A. SATTEEFIELD Eocky Mount, N. C. 

J. L. YANDELL Goldsboro, N. C. 

E. C. LYNCH Wilson, N. C. 

W. A. GAMBLE Pinetops, N. C.